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Code Zebra Symbols were chosen by Corel and Siemens PLM to bundle with their products because they are the best looking technical symbol libraries available in the world.


• Thousands of vector symbols available in over 80 different libraries.
• Available for AutoCAD, AutoCAD Mac, and Adobe Illustrator

Our professionally designed symbols are beautifully crafted and matched to the work you do.


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AEC Collection
Architectural, Landscaping & Building Services
Electro-Mechanical Collection
Electrical, Mechanical & Fasteners
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See Landscaping Symbols

Some of the best looking landscaping symbols ever created for landscape designers, these professionally hand-rendered designs will help you express your concepts with style.

All of the symbols conform to accepted architectural and landscape graphic design standards.



See Architectural Symbols

This great collection of symbols gives you everything you need to complete a floor plan or space plan.

All of the symbols in this library are drawn in proper relative scale, and conform to accepted architectural graphic standards and ANSI Y32.4-1977.


Building Services

See Building Services Symbols

All Building Services symbols are drawn at relative sizes in accordance with common industry usage and accepted practice for architectural drawings.

The electrical wiring symbols conform with Y32.9-1972 and common industry usage, the HVAC symbols conform with ANSI Y32.2.4-1949 (R1998), and the pipe fittings and valves conform with Y32.2.3-1949 (R1999).



See Electrical Symbols

The Code Zebra Symbols electrical library is one of the most comprehensive available conforming to IEEE 315-1975 (R1993) and IEEE 91/91a-1991 (Logic Functions) standards. Numerous symbols conform with IEC 617 and IEC 117, and several symbol variations of the same device are often available.

Unique to Code Zebra Symbols is our comprehensive collection of 2-D standard view and isometric view symbols for electrical connectors, wire bends, mechanical and structural components, and fasteners.



See Fastener Symbols

This unique fastener library has everything you need to depict any standard fastener in any view.

Only Code Zebra Symbols has a comprehensive collection of 2-D isometric views for fasteners, mechanical and structural components and connectors



See Mechanical Symbols

This exceptionally useful collection of mechanical symbols includes categories conforming to the following standards:

• Fluid Power - ANSI Y32.10-1967 (R1994) - one of the most complete libraries available anywhere.
• Process Flow Diagrams - ANSI Y32.11-1961 (R1998)
• Surface Texture Symbols - ANSI Y14.36-1978 (R1993)
• Weld and Welding Symbols - ANSI/AWS A2.4-79

Unique to Code Zebra Symbols is our comprehensive collection of 2-D isometric symbols for mechanical and structural components, fasteners and connectors. Drag-and-drop creation of isometric drawings has never been easier!



See General Symbols

Hundreds of useful symbols for many disciplines.

Professionally hand-rendered people, technical vehicle drawings in full-scale in top, side and front views, network symbols, flow chart symbols and more.

Populate an airport, city or building plan with our top-view vehicles, all properly scaled with respect to each other.


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