FlowTools creates any kind of drawing, diagram or schematic with drag-and-drop ease. Use our symbols or any AutoCAD block. Symbols automatically connect and stay connected when moved, rotated or scaled.
FlowTools is easy to install, easy to learn and fun to use.

FlowTools gives you powerful tools for your everyday drawing work in AutoCAD, beginning with the thousands of intelligent Code Zebra Symbols.

You may optionally purchase FlowTools integrated with LivingLegend for generating BOM's, schedules and symbol legends. FlowTools has a Block Manager which automatically generates a stand-alone pull-down menu with any number of customizable image menus, and also contains many handy block editing and attribute utilities.

Use FlowTools to create any of these and more:
Schematics - Wiring harnesses, Industrial Controls, Electrical, Plant Process, Fluid Power, P&ID
Flow Charts - Manufacturing Processes, ISO9000 Diagrams, Org Charts
AEC - Plumbing, HVAC, Space Plans, Wiring, Landscaping

Every diagram symbol in our Code Zebra Symbols has intelligent connection points for attaching FlowTools' connectors.

AutoCAD Compatibility
With FlowTools, you don't need to learn another separate application to create intelligent diagrams - you can do it faster and easier within AutoCAD using familiar commands you already know. Since FlowTools runs entirely inside AutoCAD, it's very easy to learn and use and 100% compatible with your existing drawings. FlowTools drawings are AutoCAD drawings.

FlowTools creates all native AutoCAD entities - NO proxy warnings! - so any version of AutoCAD can open and work with any FlowTools diagram, hassle-free. FlowTools intelligent blocks work like standard AutoCAD blocks and will retain their intelligence unless redefined without FlowTools.

FlowTools' connections explode to polylines which can be edited using standard AutoCAD commands. FlowTools can later turn any polyline back into an intelligent connection with one click. You may therefore freely share your drawings with your associates while you take full advantage of FlowTools' features.

Works with Your Existing Drawings
FlowTools has patented automatic diagram conversion features that can take any existing diagram, chains-of-lines, polylines and blocks and convert them into intelligent entities. Simply select any group of entities and they are combined into a block and block insert in one step. You may even select an entire drawing of blocks for conversion to an intelligent diagram in a single step!

You can explode diagram entities, manually tweak them, then convert them back easily. You can use all of your existing blocks without modification, and when converted, they still look identical and work the same way with AutoCAD's insert commands.

Drag-and-Drop DrawingDrop any block on a line, polyline or connector and the block snaps to the line and the underlying lines are trimmed to the block boundaries - all automatically. Check out the FlowTools Movies to see this feature in action.

Flexible block insertion options make inserting blocks easier than ever. Automatic Snap toggles snap on during insertion and move operations, and off for other editing as desired. Easily toggle off AutoCAD's customary scale and/or rotation prompts when inserting blocks.

Pick blocks to insert from a variety of easy methods - by screen pick, name, image menu, or from easily created on-screen "palettes" of your most frequently used blocks.

For flow charts, blocks automatically resize to fit entered text, and you can stretch blocks out of proportion while maintaining attribute text size or scale them proportionally.

Automatic Connections
FlowTools connects blocks automatically with sophisticated routing choices and block avoidance. Blocks reconnect when moved, rotated or scaled. Connections may also be stretched and routed manually.

If desired, FlowTools automatically places taps (a dot) where connections merge and a jumper or break at intersections. Connection corners can be sharp, filleted or chamfered. You have complete control over connection arrowheads, appearance and behavior.

Build Blocks in a Single Step
FlowTools makes you the world's fastest block builder - select any group of entities and they are automatically combined into a block and new block insert which appears in place of the selected entities. You must try this feature to fully appreciate the time savings it provides.

Explode blocks for modification and FlowTools remembers the block name and insert origin, and recompiles the block in one step. Inserts of the modified block are automatically updated, retaining their attribute values.

The Text-to-Attribute tool converts any text item to an editable attribute with one click while maintaining the text's style settings.

Use FlowTools automatic connections in your LISP
FlowTools provides several AutoLISP-accessible commands for creating automatic connections so you can automate diagram layouts.

Key Features
• Thousands of intelligent symbols available and ready-to-go with our Code Zebra Symbols.
• Optionally includes LivingLegend for BOM's, schedules and symbol legends!
• Runs transparently inside AutoCAD - installs in a single step without quitting AutoCAD.
• Works with any existing drawing - convert your blocks only as needed
• Automatic connector routing and collision avoidance allows FlowTools connections to automatically avoid symbols and other entities.
• Symbols stay connected when moved, rotated or scaled.
• Patented automatic diagram conversion features so you can make your existing schematics and diagrams intelligent - U.S. Patents 6,239,813 and 6,243,101
• Works with anyone's symbol libraries and blocks, so you can expand your symbol collection as needed
• Share drawings back-and-forth with LT and other AutoCAD users without losing intelligence.
• Satisfaction guaranteed
Watch FlowTools with LivingLegend
Compatible with AutoCAD 2000 through 2009 and all related products
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