Compatible with AutoCAD 2000 through 2009 and all related products
LivingLegend creates beautiful, associative BOM's, schedules and symbol legends in seconds using automatic balloons and blocks. The first time you build a Bill of Materials using LivingLegend, you'll realize that you've never really seen your block collection before.

You may use the legend as a spreadsheet to view, create and modify attributes inside your blocks. Block attributes are automatically modified with the values in the legend when edited, and created automatically in the block definition as needed. You may even change block names by simply modifying legend entries. LivingLegend's Attribute Data Dialog provides history popup lists for every data field so you never have to enter a value twice.

Automatic item balloons to identify non-block parts are numbered or lettered in order and remain associated to legend entries. Paper space legends can count balloons and/or blocks in paper and model space simultaneously.

Any number of legends may be created on a drawing, each directed to count a particular area of the drawing (or the entire drawing). Legends may be updated at any time to reflect the current block count for each balloon, block and block variation.

Export legend data in one-click to a spreadsheet or as a Legend Library.

Total Columns
LivingLegend can compute and display the total of any column in a BOM, such as quantity, cost, etc., right on your drawing.

Auto Number Blocks
Especially useful for schematics or power distribution, thousands of components or tags may be individually numbered and cross-referenced in a BOM, completely automatically, and in just a few seconds. See our movies page for a live example.

Block Insert Tools
Legends can be used as on-screen palettes for dragging-and-dropping blocks using LivingLegend's pick to insert command, or insert blocks straight from the Legend Library. Blocks snap to lines and trim underlying lines - great for P&ID's, schematics, door and windows, etc.

The Legend Library - A Powerful Part, Component and Block Manager
Take any legend or collection of legends and publish them in one click to every network user, or create a legend from your existing spreadsheets.Using the Legend Library dialog, you can recreate any legend or portion of a legend, or insert individual blocks or ballooned items as inserts or Xref's. Just make a selection from the library parts list and a BOM is created on the drawing of those items.

The Legend Library uses a standard spreadsheet layout as its data format - to create a new entry, simply add a row using Excel or a word processor. Add a column to the spreadsheet, and the part gets a new attribute when inserted. Block attributes are filled in per the spreadsheet values when a block is inserted from the library. Attributes are defined in block definitions on-the-fly as needed, automatically.

What can you do with it?
• Publish and manage standard parts, blocks and details to all network users
• Import and Export spreadsheets
• Program block and part balloon attributes with a spreadsheet
• Manage your block collection
• Setup pre-configured project title blocks using a single title block design
• Manage a detail library
• Manage a project drawing list - users can Xref drawings using the Legend Library dialog.

Here's how easy it is to publish a block or part collection to your network:

1. Select CREATELEGEND, then the blocks and balloons to publish.
2. Select UPDLEGEND, Export

The Export command can automatically WBLOCK every block in the legend to a network folder.

Two Types of Legends
LivingLegend generates two formats of legends, Bill of Materials or Matrix. The first column of the BOM format contains the block image, an optional automatic item number or character, and additional attribute columns of your choice.

The Matrix format is a spreadsheet style layout with each cell containing a block image, and optional quantity, block name and user selectable attribute. LivingLegend is handy for organizing large block collections, by creating a neat matrix of printable block images with block names in just a few seconds

LivingLegend can be installed and learned in a few minutes without the modification of any AutoCAD support files. We guarantee you'll love it or your money back.
Watch LivingLegend Auto-number Parts
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