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At one time or another, you’ve probably struggled with organizing or standardizing title blocks for your organization. Titlezone makes it easy.

With one dialog box, you fill out the contents of your titleblock and insert it into your drawing or layout. Titlezone fits the title block to fit your layout’s printable area automatically, no matter what the proportions.

Download the Titlezone trial version now to try it out for yourself, and explore the movies and details here to find out more.
• Single dialog fills out and inserts title blocks with user-configurable popup lists
• Switch sheet size on-the-fly while preserving attribute values
• Includes fully attributed title blocks in 98 combinations of standard sizes, ready-to-use immediately
• Works with your title block and extracts existing title block data
• Title block data manager logs all drawing title blocks for browsing from a viewer
• Titlezone uses only AutoCAD-native entities so you may exchange your work with any other AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT user.
Titlezone is an affordable, easy to use application for title block and project data management. Titlezone can be installed and running inside AutoCAD in literally one minute, with easy, single-step setup and without the modification of any AutoCAD support files.

Titlezone provides a single, easy-to-use dialog box for inserting and filling out title blocks, and enables switching between sheet sizes and title block designs on-the-fly while preserving title block attribute values.

Working drawings can be printed on a letter-sized printer, then switched to a D-size border and plotted at full-sized at any time. Plots can be automatically time stamped when plotted. Titlezone works with any title block or the wide variety of standard designs included, such as Architectural and ANSI A-E sizes. Customizable dialog popup lists provide choices for title block attribute values, such as predefined lists of Site Locations, Materials, Plan Names, Project Numbers, etc.

Title Block Data Manager & Project Cover Sheets
Titlezone also provides a powerful project data manager which automatically logs title block attribute values for drawings. Users may create up-to-date project cover sheets on AutoCAD drawings using any subset of title block attributes along with drawing file names.

Drawings can be browsed through and opened by the information contained in the title block attributes. The Titlezone project drawing browser allows a user to view the title block values for every title block of every AutoCAD layout inside every drawing file assigned to a project. Any combination of project title block values may also be exported to a spreadsheet or database application.

Entire directories of existing drawings containing attributed title blocks may be read-in to Titlezone Projects - even drawings created by older versions of AutoCAD. In this manner, users can browse through the title block values of large collections of old drawings from a single dialog box.

Multiple Sheets
Titlezone provides multiple sheets per drawing file in Model Space, so assemblies and components can be worked on together at full-scale without requiring Paper Space or Layouts. Layout and Paper Space title blocks are also fully supported. Each sheet can have a different border size and overall scale factor. Title blocks are automatically scaled and placed to fit within the layout printable area.

Using AutoCAD reactor technology, Titlezone automatically adjusts drawing limits to follow title block borders as they are moved or scaled using standard AutoCAD commands. Titlezone also automatically adjusts TEXTSIZE, LTSCALE and DIMSCALE system variables when a border is scaled or sheets are switched between, so that the plotted appearance of all drawings remain the same, regardless of border scale size.

Time and Date Stamp
A "Plotted on" or "Last Saved on" time and date stamp with the drawing file/path and login name can be automatically updated each time a drawing is plotted or saved. The text style and orientation of the time stamp is user configurable and stored with each title block design.

Titlezone's title block design wizard converts your title blocks for use with Titlezone in a single step.

Automatically execute a custom lisp function each time Titlezone is run, or a different function when the Initialize Drawing toggle is checked in the Titlezone dialog. Titlezone passes the entity name of the drawing title block to your function. For example, this feature could be used to automatically set the title block drawing number to the next available number in a series.
1. Customize this popup list's label and choices for your title block design.
2. Time/Date stamp drawings automatically
3. Assign drawings to projects or access the project drawing browser to view drawings by their title block values.
4. Switch border or title designs at any time while maintaining title block attribute values.
5. View each drawing's revision history in the project drawing browser.
Every function is accessible from this single dialog box and will work with your title block or any of the standard designs included. Your title block can have any number of additional attributes, edited using the Other... button.
Key Features

• Insert and fill out title blocks from a single dialog box.
• Includes fully functional, attributed title blocks in many standard sizes, ready-to-use immediately
 - ANSI A-E sizes with and without built-in revision block
 - Architectural, for A through E sheet size
 - General purpose, compact title block with narrow border zones for A through D sheet size.
 - Designer title block
 - Time/Date stamp only block
 - 98 different border/title combinations possible
• Use your own existing title block designs - adapt them for Titlezone in a couple of minutes with our easy title block conversion wizard.
• Extracts and works with the attribute values from your existing drawing's title blocks.
• Swap between any Border or Title design at any time and Titlezone transfers the attribute values to the new design automatically. This means you can print to 8.5" X 11" using a border proportioned for letter size, and later swap to a "D" proportioned border in an instant and plot to your full sized plotter.
• Automatically scale title blocks to fit full-scale geometry at any time while maintaining consistent plotted text and dimension height. This means you can draw everything at actual size and scale your title block to your geometry, all without the complexities of Paper Space.
• User configurable popup lists for addresses, and other preset items, such as project numbers, standard materials, etc.
• Titlezone can call your own LISP routines for drawing setup and other tasks.
• Works in Model Space, Paper Space and AutoCAD 2000 Layouts
• Move, copy and scale Titlezone title blocks using AutoCAD commands and the TEXTSIZE, LTSCALE, DIMSCALE and drawing limits will be adjusted automatically for that sheet.
• Drawing limits follow moved title blocks around your graphics screen.
• Scale sheets using AutoCAD's scale command and dimensions scale automatically to maintain plotted size.
• Automatic time-stamping of drawings when plotted and/or saved - add a customized time/date stamp to an existing drawing with a single command.

Project Data Manager Features

• Automatically generate up-to-date project cover sheets on AutoCAD drawings
• Titlezone Projects, a built-in title data manager and relational database, logs every title block attribute value for drawings in multiple projects.
• Read-in entire directories of existing drawings with attributed title blocks, including R12 and R13 drawings.
• Browse and open drawings by their title block entries - drawing number, title, created by, etc. No more searching through cryptic file names.
• Export any combination of project title block attribute values as text or create an Mtext table on an AutoCAD drawing which automatically updates to reflect the latest title block values for all the drawings in a project.
• Export project data to a spreadsheet or another database application
• Title block data is automatically logged every time drawings are saved.
• Titlezone may be used alone or in complement with any Document Management application, and uses only AutoCAD-native entities so you may exchange your work with any other AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT user.
Automatically generate up-to-date project cover sheets on a drawing or export the data to a spreadsheet
Compatible with AutoCAD 2000 through 2009 and all related products
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